Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Collection of Possibly Random Thoughts

I love my blogroll. And it's so great that everyone posts so regularly and has interesting things to say. The only down side is that now I spend most of my blog-time reading rather than posting!

Plus I've been going through library books like nobody's business. Our online hold system makes it even easier! I need to return some of the ones I've got out, because there are like eight more waiting for me at the circ desk and that'll put me over the checkout limit. It's a little frustrating, because books only stay on hold for a week, which means I need to make sure that I read eight books in that week so that I can check out the next eight, even though you can have books checked out for a month.

The library system also helps remind me to keep Goodreads updated. I've done pretty well with that. Facebook and twitter, not so much. I think I have enough library books to turn in so that I can get the rest out. yay!

And I'm marathoning through season six of Doink Doink because it's only available on Netflix through tomorrow.

And I've done laundry and dishes and put things away in the living room. Cleaned the main bathroom. Started the small bathroom - gonna finish that today. Next is the office and going through my school stuff. Also need to get groceries.

Uh-oh! Time to go. More later, maybe!


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