Monday, June 28, 2010

Layout Issues

So I changed my goodreads widget - now rather than just showing some of the books in my library, it shows the ten most recent books I've marked as 'read.' Hopefully this will help motivate me to update regularly rather than trying to write up fifteen books at one go :P

That started me wondering about widening my layout, because I had to skinnify the widget kind of a lot. What I'd like to do - I think - is to see if I can't pull the title bar into the middle column, so that the side columns actually start right up at the top of the page. This would make the column for the posts wider and I wouldn't have to redo the title bar. I could also - if I wanted - widen the left and right columns without making the center column narrower.

But I'm not sure. On my screen, I've got quite a bit of free space on the sides, but I can't quite make up my mind to use it. See, my screen resolution may be higher than most, which would mean the right side would be cut off for some people.

And I don't wanna do that. I hate having to scroll all over the place, and I don't want to do that to people who come look at my blog.

So it's up to you! I've added a poll up in the upper-right corner. Please let me know what you see when you look at the page.

Now I'm off to get some reading done...


Mrs. Chili said...

Not only have I not read any of your list, I've never heard of them before now! NEAT!

Clix said...

Careful, Chili - goodreads is a HUGE timesuck! :D

It's not ONLY because of all the sharing book-recs and keeping track of what you'd like to read and what you've already read and reviewing what you've read... because you're talking about books so much, you end up reading EVEN MORE!

Which is not a bad thing. But it does mean the dishes and laundry tend to pile up... ;)

teachin' said...

Ooh, Such a Pretty Girl totally freaked me out - my kids love it. And I didn't know Patricia C. Wrede had a new(ish) book out! I LOVE her, going back to the Enchanted Forest series which I adored when I was in middle school. Thanks for posting that - yet another thing to add to my summer reading list.... :)

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