Monday, July 12, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 12

Good morning! Heading to school for some remediation today, tomorrow and Wednesday, so no freewrite early in the morning. But I'll write it up ... might be able to do that on the way in today, as I'll be riding rather than driving. Not sure - we'll see!

I did get up early so that I could get my walk in. Yay! In my NEW SHOES - they are so cute. Grey with purple detailing! I would've loved all-purple, but the store didn't have any running shoes in all-purple, so I got these. They're pretty comfortable, but they are new, so I cut my walk a little short so that hopefully I don't give myself more blisters.

More later!

ETA: But not much. I ended up driving to school and I haven't been home much since - just enough time after work to do a few chores and get changed for a performance at a nursing home this afternoon. Now I'm headed over to my parents' house because on top of everything else, BOTH of our cars aren't working. We got one of them to limp to a garage, but it won't be ready until tomorrow, so I'm gonna stay with the folks tonight so that Mom can give me a ride to work in the morning.


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