Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 13

I didn't get to do any writing this morning, so I'm copy-pasting in the freewrite I did last night at my parents' house. I did get up and go for a walk this morning. Mom and Dad went with me. It wasn't as long though, because (a) we had to leave earlier because they live farther from my school, and (b) I have blisters :(

Well, although I'm at my parents' house and I won't be able to post this, I can't sleep, so I might as well do my freewrite for today.

I'm rather contorted, but I don't want to move. I'm working on my laptop, but it's not on my lap – the puppy is! So I'm sort of leaning to the side, with the laptop balanced on the arm of the char I'm sitting in. But puppy is in my lap, so I am content.

We danced at a nursing home today. It was fun. I didn't remember the choreographies perfectly – not even close – but I know the music well enough that I was able to fake it quite well. The Hunk said he only knew I was improv-ing it because I had asked another dancer to join us; she said no, because she hadn't learned it; I said neither have I! (She's still fairly new, though – it was only her second show, so I didn't pester her too much.)

My parents were there too. I think this is the first performance they've seen me at. They drove me there because neither of our cars is working. :( Sad face! Agatha is in the shop, though, and will hopefully be all better tomorrow! I'm not sure what we're going to do about the Hunk's car.

228 so far. I may not get to 750 because when my battery runs low I'm gonna hafta stop.

They've finished waxing the floor in my classroom and have moved my furniture back into the room… somewhat close to the way it shows on the diagram I left for them. *sigh* I'm looking forward to getting the chance to straighten it up! One of the things that really, REALLY frustrates me is that for some reason they aren't careful enough with the bookshelves. The shelves slide out and the little metal shelf-holders come out and then EVERY DAMN YEAR somehow I'm short. Oooo, it just makes me so MAD. I need to remember that next year I should just take out all the shelves and stack them and then put the little shelf-holders in a baggie and lock the baggie in a filing cabinet.

This is the first time Puppy has been over to Mom and Dad's new house, and he's still finding his way around. I had to remind him that we put his water dish (and his food dish, but he was panting so I figured he was thirsty) in the kitchen. He just kind of sniffs about, meandering through the house. He doesn't like the vents in the floor, though!

438 – maybe I'll actually make it before the battery starts to go!

I'm starting to get tired. I was BEAT this afternoon – I dozed off in the car after dinner. We went out to a new hibachi restaurant. Filet mignon for under $10? Sheyeah! I'm there. It was pretty good, too. I was debating whether or not I wanted to try the mochi ice cream (I figure it was kind of like mocha, maybe?) but they brought the check so I was like well okay then.

I felt a little… disloyal though. Because it was right close to one of my favorite restaurants locally. It's this Indian place that has a lunch buffet, and the food is just amazing. The saag paneer is … oh, it's wonderful. And the rice? I don't know what they do to their white rice, but it's fantastic. There's just a tiny tiny hint of spice to it, and the rice has the perfect amount of stick to it. I think maybe they add a little bit of ghee or something so it doesn't overstick, because it's faintly shiny. Plus I always have two or three bowls of kheer.

They're little bowls!

637, yay!

You know, it's a bit easier doing this at night, because I can just blather on about my day. Maybe … well, probably not tomorrow, because I'll have to leave for school even earlier because this house is further away… but maybe I should think back on the day before and write about that. Maybe that would give me at least something to use.

703. SO CLOSE!

OTOH, I know that this isn't what I'm going for. The idea of the morning writing is that it's supposed to get my "writing juices" going – get my subconscious working on ideas so that later on I can write something more substantial.

748… and done!


Mardie said...

I love love love Indian food. There's so much for us vegetarians to eat, and it's spicy and yummy.

Ms. Dee said...

I went to school today and found my desk in the hall, with all the little gifties from my students through the years thrown in a pile on top of it. I know, I know, I should be grateful that someone goes into my classroom and cleans it for me, but UGH! I know just how you feel about the bookcases.

Clix said...

Oooo, I would be MAD. I'm glad I have filing cabinets that lock. :(

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