Saturday, July 17, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 17

Dance practice again today, so no walk. I have, however, been cleaning the house. Unfortunately, I mostly can't tell. It's distressing.

I have a lot of posts seeds sort of in the back of my head - teacher effectiveness, scripting, affirmative action, the relative values of gendered work, how tenure really works, my questions on KIPP for which I can find no answers... yeah.

But I don't really have anything that I want to write about at the moment.

I'm hungry. There was only a tiny bit of cereal left in the box I took out of the cupboard. So ... are you supposed to get a break during freewrites? I dunno. I know I took a bunch on Thursday when the morning was so nuts.

I'd much rather play Spider Solitaire. I put it on the easiest setting and just go click - click - click. It's very soothing.

I'm also a little frustrated. And kind of sulky. The Hunk got home late last night and putzed around. Now, when I putz, I try to take a break every so often and do something useful. I don't know, maybe he did useful things and I just can't tell - kind of like with the cleaning. But I got up this morning and he'd left the computer on, and I can't see that anything else has been put away...

I just get sooo frustrated. I guess part of it is that ... I feel like I wind up with more stuff to keep track of because of what I teach. And so my job requires more work-time so that I can keep up with it. But that also means it requires my work-space to be more orderly, so that I can keep up with it. Which means I have more work at home, too.

And it's not fair, and I'm beyond frustrated, I'm angry. He started clearing off the couch, and I thought, maybe I'm being unfair - things come and go, you know? But it was so he could lie down.

Not even halfway, but I'm stopping now.


teachin' said...

"Unfortunately, I mostly can't tell. It's distressing."

Hee. Because that's my situation too, though my bedroom closet and our pantry are both clearly in much better shape after NINE HOURS OF WORK. I'm not exaggerating even a little bit.

Just don't go into the basement.

Clix said...

*sigh* Yes. Exactly.

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