Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Discipline Update: July 14

Crazy dreams last night. Very stressful. Slow traffic and miscommunication and things I forgot to do... I'm glad I set the alarm for almost an hour later, but that means that I haven't had time to go for a walk OR do any freewriting before heading to school. Plus I'm leaving just a little earlier (like 10 minutes) so that I don't feel as rushed.

I'm so glad I didn't drink all my Diet Coke on Saturday. I've been trying to avoid soda, but sometimes I just need that caffeine boost... and boy it was a good thing it was still in the fridge!

Hope to update with a freewrite later. :)

Freewrite up!

Okay, so this has been a fantastic day. Tomorrow's going to be pretty busy - I have the MRI in the morning, but since my parents are still kind of getting settled, the Hunk and I are going to drive up to their house, and he's going to stay and help Dad get things moved around and kind of off the carpets because they're going to have them steam-cleaned (I think) on Friday, and Mom and I will drive BACK down for my MRI. That's going to take most of the morning. Then we'll head off to a cute little tea shop for lunch with some of the other English teachers. I also got a call from the surgeon; they've set up an appointment for me for tomorrow afternoon with an oncologist! So I'll be able to TALK to a doctor before Monday, and that's super-awesome. Plus since I asked for a slightly-later appointment so that I could go grab lunch, they said that he should have received the MRI films by the time I get there. YAY! Yay and YAAAY!

The students I worked with are going to be taking the English exam tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed! I really hope they do well.

Mom and I went to a one-of-a-kind store that sells gently used merchandise of all kinds. I'm not going to say more than that, because I don't know of any other branches in the country and it kind of marks my location (I dunno, maybe I'm a dork and it's totally obvious where I live, but I do TRY to be discreet). So anyway, I wanted to look at the mp3 players, because I just loved my little Sansa Clip, but I kind of put it through the laundry. And if the soak and spin cycles didn't short it out, I probably fried the circuits in the drier. Anyway, it won't turn on. Very sad.

Well I went over to the audio counter in the electronics section and they had TONS of iPods. Now, I mean, nothing against them? But they're friggin expensive, and I thought the sound quality was just fine on the Sansa. Plus, since it didn't have a video screen, it keeps a charge REALLY well. I looked around, but I didn't see any others, and I kind of got bummed. Our local used bookstore also deals in secondhand electronics, and they won't take off-brand mp3 players, so I figured this place didn't either. But then Mom pointed out that this one guy had been standing in front of one spot and there was a little tupper bowl of other players! I just hadn't been able to see them from where I was standing.

So I was like, oo, yay! And I went over and asked to look at them and I poked through and they were REALLY cheap. Like the two-gig iPods were only about $35, which is fantastic for an iPod, but I knew I could replace my Sansa (also a two-gig) for about $30, so why pay the extra $5? you know?

And I saw two that looked very much like mine! The edges were a little bit rounder, but it had the same buttons and everything. They also had some video ones, but... ih. Not really interested. I like to listen to music while I do other stuff, and I kind of need to be able to see what I'm doing, not watching something else. Anyway.

So I looked on the back, and they were only like $6!! SIX FRIGGIN DOLLARS, YO! I figured there's no way they'd hold more than a gig, especially because there's a port for a microSD card to increase the capacity, and maybe they wouldn't work, but wouldn't the store at least check? You'd think. So I was like, heck yeah, I'll get one. I mean, my two gig one held tons of music, so half that wouldn't be too bad. It's still more than a CD, and it's way easier to put in your pocket. (Although that's not always a good thing - that's how the last one wound up in the wash!)

Now it didn't have the special USB cord to connect to the computer, or any headphones. But guess what? THOSE didn't go through the wash! lol! So I still have them from the last one. Anyway, I got home and plugged it into the computer and waited nervously for the fifteen seconds or so that it took the computer to initialize the device, and I opened it as a window and ....


I have almost my entire library on here and it's only about a third full. I don't even know what I'm going to DO with the rest of it.

What do people DO with that much mp3 player space?!! Why in the world would you need to add the SD card?!

Anyway, I'm going to have to go back. The Hunk heard me squealing and started pouting because he doesn't have one! hahahaha.

So, yeah, today's been pretty awesome.

Oh yeah! And also? Made my word count, EASY. ^.^


Sarah said...

Thank heavens for Diet Coke and all other forms of caffeine!!!

Clix said...

I know, right? Fortunately tomorrow I don't have to get up QUITE as early. Still, we'll probably need to leave the house by .... I'm gonna say 8:30. Blih!

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