Thursday, July 15, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 15

Well, I wasn't planning to go for a walk this morning, but I woke up a little after six and couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up and got dressed, grabbed my new little Sansa and headed out the door.

Today promises to be quite full, what with the MRI and lunch plans and then another doctor visit, and then I've got dance practice tonight. I've got to get ready, but perhaps if I'm quick I'll have time for a freewrite.

I don't remember what they were, but I'm pretty sure I had stressful dreams again last night. I think maybe it involved being at Disney World and finding out that somehow we had gotten into the park without a valid ticket. And something about all the stuff we have to do today. I think I actually dreamed that the alarm went off and I woke up, because I was lying there and I remember being confused because I thought I had been sitting up, and I didn't remember lying back down.

So I asked the Hunk if he'd shut the alarm off, and he said he hadn't, and I looked at the clock, and it was two hours before the time I'd planned to get up! And I was just wired. Of course, NOW it's two and a half hours later and I'm sleepy again.

It doesn't help that we're in the car on the way to Mom and Dad's. Put me in a car and start driving and even if I'm not already sleepy it just lulls me into a near-coma.

Somebody over on the ecning linked to the oldspiceman video marathon. TOO funny. Especially the Alyssa Milano segment.

Speaking of funny, I wish The Daily Show would hire Sarah Haskins.

I really can't think of much else to write about. I think it's because I'm sleepy, because with all the crazy stuff going on this week, I know that there's some of it that I haven't written about.

I'm learning to use zills now. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. I can't go really fast yet, but then, I've only had them for a couple of days. I practiced last night and I don't have too much trouble walking and playing, or doing circles or figure eights, but adding more layers (doing several complementary movements at once) makes it a LOT harder to stay on the beat.

Also the elastic on the one pair is super-stretched out, so they wouldn't stay on my fingers. So I'm going to try to get some new elastic for them.

Back in the car after switching out. Mom's coming with me to the MRI, and the Hunk is gonna stay with Dad to rearrange furniture. I checked the elastic, and although it's lose, it's still stretchy, so I just stitched it together a little closer to make the loop smaller.

I didn't make my word count, but it's now 9 PM - I didn't have computer access really for the rest of the day, so this is what's getting posted. :P

PS: Maybe I'll have some time for a "real" post tomorrow. I'd like to describe the MRI sometime soon.


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