Monday, July 19, 2010

Discipline Update / MRI: July 19

So today when I got up I discovered that the Hunk had not come to bed! AT ALL! But he had folded the clothes AND he was getting breakfast ready for me. Sweet, no?

However, I had gotten up early so's I could go for my walk - well, first of all because I noticed he wasn't in bed and that made me pouty, but I also figured I could do my walk. So the eggs had to wait.

But however #2, I didn't have enough time to do the walk AND wash off AND do my freewrite. So no freewrite today. But I do have a post about my MRI behind the cut!

Don't I look sharp?

When I first got to the imaging center for my MRI, I had a wireless signal that I could use out in the main waiting room, but then they brought me back into another one back by the machine, and there wasn't a signal there so I got stuck with typing just in TextEdit with the idea that I'd copy-paste it into Blogger later. This is mostly a direct transcript, but I've tried to go back and change my verb tenses!

I hadn't had an MRI before. It was the same office I went to for my mammogram. It's really fancy. Comfy couches, TV, free wireless access ... they even had coffee! I didn't even have a chance to finish my cup before they called me back to fill out my paperwork. All I had to do was sign one form, though - maybe since I was only here about two months ago.

Then I went back to another waiting room in the MRI section. This one didn't have the coffee (though I still had my cup!) or wireless. Bummerrrr! I guess that makes sense, though, because now we're back here around the equipment.

A few minutes later another... nurse? technician? I'm not sure. Anyway, someone came to get me. I had to sign two more papers and then get changed. I wish I'd known I'd have to change out of pants with metal in them; I'd've worn my yoga pants. So now I'm in scrub-pants and a robe. They also stuck me with an IV that they capped off. That's new. And they gave me a Diet Coke. Hopefully when I finish it I'll have had enough caffeine that I'll be able to get to bedtime without a nap. I'd like to try to get back on a decent sleep schedule now so that I'm not out of sorts when school starts back up again.

So then I went back to the second waiting room with Mom. I had her take a picture of me in my scrubs. See above!

The MRI itself was boring, boring, boring. I had to lie down on my face and not move a twitch for what felt like for EVER. I had to tuck my hands under my thighs, and my thumbs went to sleep! My techs were sweet - the one who took the IV out was sooo trying to be gentle while I'm cracking jokes. I don't know, something about my skin or my hair - it ALWAYS hurts when I'm taking off a band-aid.

Then they MADE me wait while the radiologist read the films because they thought maybe they'd want to do an ultrasound as well.

Long story short, my lymph nodes don't show any signs of swelling, which is good. They did see a couple of spots over on the left side that are "probably nothing," which is also VERY good - it's just enough to get the insurance to cover a prophylactic mastectomy on the left without putting me in any danger! ^.^ Hopefully the post-mast biopsy will reveal that they were precancerous (or better yet, benign).

Image thanks to my mommy!


Joan said...

I'm hoping it is all good news. =)

Rachel said...

Haven't commented on past entries, but have been trying to stay updated. I'll continue to say some prayers that you hear nothing but good news!

Clix said...

Thanks, both of you :)

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