Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 20

I walked today! Hooray! In fact, I even added a little bit more running. Yesterday I tried out running just the upper part of my loop (I walk to the park, do three of 'my' loops, then walk back) on the last one. It wasn't too bad, but it sure got me out of breath! Today I ran the upper part of the loop all three times!

The Hunk said that he thought I might benefit more from weight training than just the walks. So I think I'll add some free-weight exercises in the late morning or early afternoon. That, plus I've got dance class tonight, plus a private lesson - I think I'm good for today.

This is where my freewrite will go. I'm working on it in notepad.

I need to make sure I call the office of the doctor who'll be performing my surgery. I should probably go for that around 9:30. That way it's not, like, RIGHT when the office opens, but it's nice and early. Maybe 9:15.

And... I'm just sitting here. I should probably also call my insurance... or something... I need to find out just how much of what we're doing is automatically covered and what I'll need to get approved. I probably should have done that, like, a month ago.

Why does exercise have to be so much WORK? :P

And writing, too. That's not much better. I feel like just typing out multiple cycles of "The Song That Does Not End" just to fill up my word count requirement. Which I've imposed upon myself, of course.

Puppy is outside sniffing around. Just moseying through the grass. We have such a lovely Little Old Man!

We watched some Buffy on Netflix last night. The season where she goes to college. I think Joss Whedon had (has?) some leftover issues with the Greek system. Having never rushed a social (I joined a service sorority - we had rush, but it wasn't anything like the socials; pretty much if you were willing to do the service projects, you were in) my own perspective is somewhat limited, but... there is such a thing as REASON. I mean, these are people, not monsters.

Except in Sunnydale, of course. What was I thinking?

I know what I was thinking! Keep writing, darnit.


And I'm only at 254. UGH. This trying to be a better person thing SUCKS. Oo, stink, I also need to call Jaime and remind her about class tonight.

I'm like twenty minutes in and I have just over ten words per minute. Wheeee. Plus I also forgot to un-contract my contractions. That will not be happening again. :)

I have a little mini-backpack that looks like a penguin. I call her Persilla, because it is alliterative with penguin, and also because she is pretty big for a purse. Well, she was. The year I bought her, clutches were in. These days I see more hobos and totes - though that may be because it is summer. You know. Tote season.

Blah blah.

I need to turn on the computer that is connected to the printer so that I can print out TeachJ's Photojournalism syllabus. In re-organizing my desk space I took some books back to a shelf in the green room. While deciding where they would best go I came across my sample copy of the Jostens photo curriculum. So I'm going to look over both the syllabus and the textbook to sort of give me ideas for how I want to structure my new Journalism I course, since it is going to focus on photography.

I am still debating how best to incorporate a standard like GA RL 1 into my English II curriculum. The skill (analyzing use of literary technique) really is not all that challenging. The difficulty is in the number of literary techniques students are expected to be familiar with - and that there's no actual list of techniques. You just kind of have to guess which ones are expected at that grade level. That kind of pisses me off, to be honest.

I guess maybe I could go back through the standards for prevoius grades and look for similar concepts and use those to make a list. Maybe? But I am still not sure that such a list would be comprehensive. I hate "such as" lists. It just makes me feel so uncertain.

There are lots of movies that we need to put away. My feet are up on the arm of the sofa. I am leaning back in my chair.

Last night I compared last year's book to the book that was created the year before I got here - the year of no copy. I think that will be a good example to show to the assistant principal who wants there to be no copy.

674. SO CLOSE.

There is a grocery store near our house that carries these big, soft, sugar-coated molasses cookies. A pack of twelve costs a dollar. I have a particular weakness for those cookies. They are just SO TASTY! And the texture is just right. They are chewy without being mushy. Crumbling is minimal. And the sugar coating gives them just a teeny tiny bit of crunch. Mmmmmm. I can make a pack last a week. Still, they are probably working against me. SIGH.

757 baby! I am GONE! ^.^


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