Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Book Talks

So, every day I am going to transition from our writing time into our lesson time with a read-aloud. And I'm going to switch back and forth between books and poetry. After the reading, I'll give some details about the book and briefly (that's the tough part!) explain why I like it so much. I'm going to try to keep these under five minutes.

Behind the cut I've got books listed. This is based on books I've read and given 5-star ratings on goodreads... I think the latter part of the list might get into the 4-star ones, too. I think I'd also like to try to get students to do some of the book talks after the first month or so.

Bloody Jack
Hunger Games
Princess Bride
Graveyard Book
Thirteenth Child
Saving Francesca
Master of Murder
Magic Under Glass
Serendipity Market
Anne of Green Gables
Jeremy Thatcher
Dragon's Bait
Skullduggery Pleasant
Charles and Emma
Return to Sender
Homeless Bird
Chosen One
Other Side of the Island
Gregor the Overlander
Rising Star of Rusty Nail
First Daughter
Ruins of Gorlan
Little Brother
Come Like Shadows
Stolen Voices
I Am Not Esther
Treasure Island

Are there others I should consider? I'll want to make sure that I read them first.


Mardie said...

There are several familiar titles here (some of my own favourites), but lots that I haven't read yet. Have you read Samarai Shortstop?

Clix said...

SMOKES, I can't believe I left that out! Thanks :D I need to put it on Goodreads, too.

Clix said...

No, it's on Goodreads, and as a 5-star. I just must've missed it while trying to type out the list.

Liz said...

I don't understand what you're doing. You're reading the book outloud? What are book talks? Did I miss an earlier post that explains all this stuff?

Clix said...

Not the whole book. I'll read the beginning of the book & explain why I like it. Details on my UbD wiki page.

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