Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book List

I try to keep a running list of books I'd like to get for my classroom library. I'd love to hear additional suggestions! I've also had people say "get anything that this person wrote!" Here are some authors that have been mentioned - some of them I've read, others are ones I still want to look into.

Walter Dean Myers, various
Sharon Draper
Gary Paulsen
Malcolm Gladwell
David Macaulay: How Things Work, Castle etc.
Bruce Catton
Sarah Dessen
Oliver Saks
Lewis Thomas
Tony Horwitz
Gary Soto
Julia Alvarez
Ivy Sparks
Nicholas Sparks
Bill Bryson
Patricia Cornwell
Christopher Pike
Vivian Vande Velde

Click here to see the complete list of titles I'd still like to buy. Warning: it's a long list!

I do wonder if the 'span' tag is working at all...

Whew! I hope to get back to more frequent posting now that we've wrapped the yearbook. I would love to hear additional suggestions for my classroom library, too!


Denée Tyler said...

I hope you have a great budget!!

I hope you are doing well. Have a great last month of teaching.

Knighton said...

I would add Chris Crutcher to your list. Anything by him is good, but my favorite and one that I've used in class is Whale Talk. I also really, really love Justina Chen Headley's North of Beautiful. Lisa Klein's Ophelia is very good, too.

Tom Roth said...

Markus Zusak
John Green
Neil Gaiman
Catherine Fisher (Incarceron; Sapphique)
Orson Scott Card (Enders Game Series; Alvin Maker Series)
by Neal Shusterman
The Road
by Cormac McCarthy
House of the Scorpion
by Nancy Farmer
by Jennifer Donnelly
The Forest of Hands and Teeth (Trilogy) by Carrie Ryan
Dreamhunter and Dreamquake by Katherine Knox
The Uglies Series; The Midnighters Series by Scott Westerfeld
Sorry I am a book freak - I could go on and on forever :)

Clix said...

Updated! I'll note that several of the books listed here are either ones I already have (Unwind, Uglies etc.) or are ones that our library has multiple copies of. Thanks for the suggestions! :D

Liz said...

Lost States – Michael Trinklein

Jesus Land – Julia Scheers

David Gemmell (Author)

Roland Smith – he has a ton of good stuff out. I’m becoming a big fan.

Me Talk Pretty – I don’t remember it being edgy at all. I’d have to re-read it. I can’t imagine it’s that much worse than The Kite Runner

Thirteenth Child – Patricia Wrede

The whole Ender series. Not just Ender’s Game. Speaker For the Dead is AMAZING.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is for like... 4th grade, but we love it.

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman is better than his M is for Magic. (I thought)

Maze Runner – James Dashner

Mother Night – Kurt Vonnegut

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Donna Jo Napoli – Author

Mismatch – Lensey Namioka – I didn’t particularly like this one when I read it, but it’s one that I really remember, you know? And I’m liking it more with the distance I put between now and when I read it.

I’m going to have to look at your list a second time.

Clix said...

I typically will only buy the first book of a series unless I just LOVE it; I like Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras but I only have Uglies for my classroom library. (Also the school library has copies of all of them anyway.)

Clix said...

I have Long Way Gone already... I think... and dang, I can't believe I forgot Thirteenth Child! Gonna add that now.

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