Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Counting Down the Days

This year is devolving rapidly. So far we've missed three and a half days from the storms (and the other half of our half-day was mostly spent sitting out in the hall during the tornado watch) and we've had two delayed starts. We're scheduled for delayed starts on Thursday and Friday as well.

I'm almost surprised the students haven't started eating each other alive.

There's not a lot else to discuss in detail. Little bits here and there, really, is all.

* Prom was last weekend. I got fairly dressed up, though my hair is at an incredibly uncooperative stage. It isn't yet long enough to do anything with, and it just kind of sticks out in this 'fro that everyone says is adorable and I think is horrific. Fortunately, gel. Gel and an elastic headband from Walmart. Anyway, I wore my slinky black dress with silver sparkles that has a boat neck and a drape down the back and a slit that I didn't realize went QUITE so far above the knee, but fortunately it's well to the side so I can be discreet. And a pair of strappy back shoes that, while adorable, were not comfortable enough to wear while standing for hours at a time. And some crystal costume jewelry - dangly earrings and necklace and some bangles. Consensus? I clean up nicely. ^.^
* Cap and gown portrait proofs came back WITH NO NAMES ON THEM. I got them this afternoon; orders are to be returned by the 10th. Yeah, srsly. Not happenin. Fortunately I took my case to the AP who's been micromanaging everything and HURRAY! she totes took my side on it and now it is no longer my problem. Yey!
* Ad money is coming in and we're going to make budget. WAHOOO! The relief is exhilarating.
* OH! HUGE NEWS! My enormous book list got funded through DonorsChoose! YAAAAY! Unfortunately the books won't ship until the start of next school year. So I have to wait. (I hate waiting.) Still, YAY BOOKS!!
* Almost forgot! Isn't it Teacher Appreciation Week? We had a basket of individually-wrapped wintergreen LifeSaver mints set in the mail room for us. I feel so loved.
* Neither the crazy storms nor Osama bin Laden's death will be in our 'World Beat' supplement. Sadface. Wondering if there's a way that we can work them in without using photos we don't have rights to.

Lately I'm just trying to stay in the game. I popped in to #edchat the last two weeks but one of the things I hate, hate, HATE about Twitter is that the updates are set up to drop in top-down. So you read each comment left-to-right and down to the next line, but then to read the NEXT comment you have to look ABOVE the one you just read. It's awkward and IT SUCKS. And #edchat moves fast enough that I couldn't really follow the flow. So. Mih.

What's been goin' on with all y'all? :)

(See? Even this Damn Yankee can play at bein' a redneck!)

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Denée Tyler said...

Clix, that IS a list. Congratulations to you! We just sold our last yearbook, so I'm feeling good right now, too. Have a great last three weeks, and, hey, I appreciate you!!

Liz said...

Off topic, but we're counting down the days too...

Do you know the name of a children's book... it was red and blue... something like, "The Day of the Wind" or "The Day the Wind Came" about a pig blowing in the wind...?

Clix said...

YES! I totes have it. "something something, I got my wish; on the day of the wind, I CAUGHT A FISH!" It's beat up like you wouldn't believe, though. I'm almost certain it's at school... text me Monday and I'll see if I can text you back the ISBN?

steve said...
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