Saturday, May 14, 2011

Playing around


Wow, so this is SO very clearly a first run! guess I shouldn't've selected widescreen format; perhaps the 3:2 iPhone setting would have worked better and poor Anne there wouldn't've been so smushed.

There's also a voiceover option, which I was going to use, but I don't know that this computer has that capability. At least, it let me record, but then the 'done' button was greyed out, so I think perhaps this computer doesn't have a microphone set up. I hadn't really looked for one, and it's now almost midnight, so that's gonna have to wait. I'll check the spaghetti of wires behind the monitor tomorrow.



Mardie said...

Hey Clix,
The video has been removed, but I've been looking for this for some time now. Can you tell me the name of the website that you used to create it? I remember seeing it when you posted it and thinking about how much my students would love to create something like this.

Clix said...

Hm. Was this the computer-generated one?

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