Saturday, September 24, 2011

You've Heard This Before, I'm Certain

So there's a teacher I've been pestering to get a blog going, and he finally has! And of course now I feel obligated to resolve to post more often, because otherwise I'm a frickin' hypocrite. :P

I did post earlier this morning over on Go Little Novelist, but it doesn't really count. ;)

You're on my bloglist, now, though, so you better post regularly. Hopefully this post will somewhat redeem me. I was quite ashamed when I went to read your first post and I saw you'd added me to yours, and I was at the BOTTOM because I hadn't posted in over a month.

(But I am the only one with a favicon. /nerdglee!)

Annnnd... it's not adding your blog correctly. DAMMIT.

You know, really? This whole week has been a technology-vs-me week. Annnd now I'm also logged out of Picasa. AURGH.

Google, I hate you. I hate your esoteric password requirements. This combination better damn well work this time... *glower*

"Adding your phone number makes your account more secure." PISS OFF AND STOP ASKING FOR MORE OF MY DATA, JERKWADS.

So we have these brand-new photocopiers. And they are also connected to our school network. And they can print and scan and whatnot. Thing is, the school got RID of the printers that we had. So now when we print... it uses up some of our photocopies. Also? For some reason, when I've sent documents to the copier in the workroom closest to my classroom, they don't show up in the document queue. This was true for at least a couple of days last week, and it was also true Wednesday-Friday of this week. So I had to send them to a different workroom and wait for THOSE teachers to finish their printing/copying, and then log in and print mine out... and then scurry back to my room. It got really tiresome.

Also. Yesterday I had scheduled the laptop cart (which has 24 laptops, which makes ZERO sense because my class, like many other core classes, has 30 students) and we went online to add to our journals on the class wiki.

So. Many. Problems.

First of all, the pages took forever to load, and some students had to switch from Safari to Firefox just to log in. And of course quite a few of them hadn't written down their username and password like I'd told them too and it's "Mrs. Keys, what's my password?" over and over and OVER again.

And then some of the little darlings didn't try to save until they finished their journal entry, and only after they tried to look at the page found out that it hadn't saved. We later figured out that with THOSE computers, we had to use Safari to get the wiki to save.

But overall, the biggest problem was that it was so SLOW.

And then we went over to goodreads and it was BLOCKED? WHAT? it was unblocked last week! I specifically informed the administration that I was going to be using it as part of my lessons!

But one of my students somehow figured out that by typing in not just but the entire THEN it would load.


I am DREADING the moment I find out just how bad things are when we try to work on the yearbook software online...

Oh, yeah, hey everybody! Go on over there and leave a comment to welcome him to the cheap public cafeteria of blogging! :D

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HappyChyck said...'s just another day in education! :-)

My technology woes: four weeks without a the laptop cart that was promised me for my publications class. Certain people kept saying I was a priority, but actions proved differently.

Now that it has finally arrived, I can only imagine the frustrations ahead. There are always frustrations...

Philip said...

Thanks for the shout out Ms. Keys. We've got that printer/scanner/copier deal as well. We don't have a copy cap though, so I think they're pretty sweet.

Clix said...

UGH. I miss not having to worry about copy counts. I'm already at about 120% of my monthly allottment... and I've still got two more days! ARGH!

HappyChyck, have you yanked out all your hair yet?! That would have driven me bananas. Especially because I'm sure everyone would still expect me to produce a brilliant, error-free yearbook on schedule. :P

Okay, I'm going to go do something to get my mind off of the Darn Book before I start ranting again ;D

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