Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Too Much

So we're off again, and all I can think of is "what all do I need to get done today and when do I need to do it?"

I need to turn in sign the purchase order for the 2011 supplements. (done!)
I need to find out if they've located the receipt books that I turned in last year. (done! though they're still looking)
I need to find out what to do about tax when I pay for something & get reimbursed. (done! arrange not to pay tax)
I need to review the second drafts of the letters… those are late! ugh! (done!)
I need to remind the Newspaper class that they are not to be listening to personal devices. (done!)
I need to have the Yearbook class type up the senior quotes. (done!)
I need to ask for an updated list of seniors who've had portraits made. (done!)
I need to print out and photocopy my list of sonnets. (done!)
I need to turn in the information about the donation from the used bookstore. (done!)
I need to create a form for the scifi club and send it to the students who expressed interest.
I need to check tardies and contact parents.

Oh yeah - and I need to, yanno, TEACH.



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