Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why I Write

So apparently it's National Day of Writing? I dunno for certain - Google isn't saying anything about it, that's for sure. But I saw "Why I Write" up on a couple of blogs today, and someone mentioned it, and I haven't posted here since before fall break, so why the hell not?

I write because I'm supposed to. Because I keep hoping that I will hate it less. Because maybe this time it won't be quite as annoying. I'd say frustrating, but that's giving it too much credit.

I continue to write because two teeny-weeny paragraphs look awfully pathetic next to a decently-sized photo. And because although I am quite content to repost someone else's image to supplement my text (with credit, at least, these days) I am not yet comfortable posting someone else's text as well.

I wonder why that is.

And I am noticing that there are a hell of a lot of "I" statements here.

To quote Willow: "Bored now."

I would SO MUCH rather be reading TV Tropes or watching people's home videos from Disney World. Or brushing my teeth and then tucking into bed. Or ... yeah, that's about it. I don't really feel like watching another episode of Numb3rs. Or even Sherlock. Wanted to watch that this afternoon but when I got home I was like "meh."

But no. Instead, because it's National Stupid Writing Day, I am doing a bit of Stupid Writing.

Also, I have my students writing about 300 words per day. Just write, okay? Just do it. It's not that complicated. I was at 240 after that last paragraph, so if I just keep typing whatever pops into my head, I should be at 300 in no time.

Dang. I am SO FRICKIN GLAD my students haven't ever found this. :P

I read recently that Finland kicked it into high gear by requiring every teacher to get a Master's degree (government paid for it). HEY OBAMA! HEY CONGRESS! YES LET'S GO FOR FINLAND-STYLE EDUCATION PLZ KTHX!

And I'm over 300 words now so I am SO DAMN DONE.

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Joan said...

Don't count on congress. They said "screw you" tonight and blocked the part of the jobs bill that might actually have helped some teachers.

HappyChyck said...

You're crackin' me up! We "celebrated" the National Day on Writing by writing in class. Some students didn't see the point since we do so much anyway, but many others were excited to write just whatever they wanted. Love those nerds.

I wrote with them, but instead of working on a longer piece throughout the day, I tried something new every period. Uhm...distracted much? Yep! One period I "wrote" comic. It had maybe 20 words.


Philip said...

Clix, someday all your secrets will become known... Your students will find out that you hate writing and you'll have to shamefully switch to a career congress supports, so you'll be making more money...

Clix said...

Maybe I could run for office. ;D

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