Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Because I Said I Would

Our social studies teachers are putting together an EF Tours trip to Europe for 2013. And... well... we'd like to go. I try not to listen to those announcements too much, because it's incredibly expensive and all that, BUT then the Hunk went and made puppy-eyes and said HE wanted to go, and how can I just squelch that?!

Thing is, I think I'm the only member of my family who hasn't left the hemisphere. Not in either direction, I'm not-really ashamed to say. So SO WHAT if it's going to cost the equivalent of two months of BOTH our salaries (before taxes).

Anyway, what brought that up is this video. Social studies teacher (and postgrad student!) Philip asked me to post it. This is a band that he was part of years ago when he was an exchange student in Croatia. I'm afraid I can't provide a translation of any of it, what with being not-very-well traveled and all; the only bit I can pick out is "for Croatia, sunshine nation," which of course is because that bit's in English.

Well, and the Wo-oh-oh-oh-oah! part.

So yeah, I'm still not sure we're REALLY going to do the Europe trip. It'll mean tightening our belts for a LONG TIME to save up for it. (SUCK.) But still... it would be pretty cool.

We'll have to see!


Philip said...

You are my hero. Tighten that belt and go. Seriously, it's worth a dozen Disneys... well... probably at least 4.

Also, let those EF Tours people know that Croatia is the most under-rated country over there, and that they should add stops in Dubrovnik, Split, and Krk, google image search those places... once again, worth it.

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