Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One of the things I both love and hate about teaching is how individualized it is. I love being able to tailor the lessons and pacing both to my personal style and interests, and to the interests and abilities of my students. This week we're spending a little more time on sentence structure than I'd originally planned, but getting to watch students notice more about authors' choices in writing has been delightful.

However, it makes substitute planning pretty miserable. I carry so much of what we're doing in my head; the lesson plans I submit to the department head really aren't enough for someone else to teach with (although they do make it easier for an observer to follow along).

It is a HUGE amount of work to get everything set up for a qualified sub, which is what I had to do for yesterday. And honestly? When you feel awful enough to NOT go in, it seems even worse.

So today, even though I don't feel great, I'm here at school. However, I'm thinking that next week I probably will not be going to the ALAN conference. I need the rest - and we also just got another set of medical bills (whee).

Right now I am just so tired. I'm tired of feeling gross. I'm tired of stress from the publications. I'm tired of bills-bills-bills. I'm tired of being ignored and repeating myself and being ignored again. I'm tired of people saying they'll do XYZ and not following through. And of course I'm tired from my meds.

I had about a week of feeling really good. I miss that.


Denée Tyler said...

Yes, Clix, we're in a profession where it sometimes really hurts to be sick. I frequently still go in to school even though I feel horrible, but the alternative, spending a great deal of time and effort creating a detailed sub lesson, is just too hard to contemplate. I have 14 sick leave days per year, and I hardly ever use any of them.

I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better, or at least having better days.

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