Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Survey Says:

I decided to take a survey posted over at the EC Ning.

Details after the cut.

What grades do you teach? High school; mostly sophomores right now, but others 9-12.

Do you have a classroom library? yes

How did you collect your books? And how do you get new ones? (Garage sales, gifts, bookstores, grants, school money, book fairs, etc.) Mostly through donorschoose grants, giveaways at conventions, and used bookstores.

Do you make a point to continue adding to your classroom library? yes

What sorts of resources do you have in your library? Books (fiction, non fiction, graphic novels, etc), newspaper articles, magazines, music, movies, etc?
Just books - fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels.

What materials do you wish you had?
I always want more books, but at this point I need more bookshelves. I wish I could have a fluffy rug and a reading lamp, but I'm not allowed to have those because of fire code (or so we've been told). I'd like some floor pillows.

What books do you think should be in every classroom library?
I doubt there are any books that belong in every classroom library, because it really depends on what kind of reading the students are doing. A classroom library in a 3rd-grade room probably won't have any of the same books I do.

Do you have suggestions for how a new teacher can build a library?
Donorschoose has been very helpful. If you're in an affluent area, ask parents to donate books. It takes time; I've been building my library since I started teaching, and it's taken me seven years to get it to where I'm actually proud of it.

How do you use your classroom library?
The students have daily reading; we also use the books to study grammar, writing, and literary techniques. This prevents copying and (in theory) ensures that each student is working with material at a comfortable challenge level.

Do you have a system for students to check out books or can they borrow them at will?
They show me the book and I keep a record of what book each student currently has.

What are the most popular books?
I currently do not have a copy of Hunger Games because the three I've bought have all been not-returned by someone. I've never had a student ask to switch out of The Graveyard Book.

Do you keep potentially controversial books in your library? Why or why not?
Yes; I live in an area that is so conservative that EVERY book is "potentially controversial." So if I wanted to avoid all controversy I couldn't have a classroom library.

Do you require parental permission for students to borrow certain books?
A few, due to language or thematic issues. I like my job and would prefer to keep it.

What do students think about your classroom library?
It's an interesting change of pace, I think, from their other classes. I get new books on a fairly regular basis, though, so sometimes I think they kind of take it for granted.

What do you wish this survey had asked, and how would you answer?
Hm. I can't think of anything right now. If I do, I'll come back and add whatever it is I think of.


Philip said...

I've tried to comment on this like... 3 time.

I feel like there are books that aren't appropriate for my students, I can't imagine getting fired for having a book in my library though.

Philip said...

I just read the poem "Lord Ullin's Daughter" by Thomas Campbell for (presumably) the first time. I loved it. If you don't have it on your daily list, consider adding it. : )

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