Friday, May 04, 2012

30 Hours

Woah. It's clearly been quite some time since I wrote anything here... Blogger looks different!

Since... mid-March, really, I've been bleeding out fanfiction for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I don't know what's different, whether something's just clicked inside me somewhere or there's some difference between SWTOR and World of Warcraft, which I played for a year or two before we picked up TOR.

It's odd, really, how one thing leads to another and everything comes back around. My interest in Star Wars back when the original trilogy was re-released was what first drew me into tabletop RPGs, which eventually led to an internship with a publisher, which led to my first Dragon*Con, which I enjoyed so much that I came back annually and was where I eventually met my husband, who plays computer games and introduced me to MMOs, which led all the way back to Star Wars in the form of TOR.

I've met some really awesome people, too, and it's just as I suspected - writers are people who loooove to talk about stories, so I've had the opportunity to gab for hours about characterization and plot (I'm much stronger with the former than with the latter) and how to make dialogue sound authentic but still interesting because REAL conversation is dull and you don't want your writing to be boring but it should SOUND real...

LOTS of fun.

Anyway. I have a lot of reading to get caught up on because I've been so immersed in my new "boyfriend" (writing) that I've neglected my besties in my blogroll! So while I still intend to keep writing fanfic and posting regularly, I'm also going to try to pick up the activity over here as well.

If only I had 30 hours in every day...


loonyhiker said...

Glad you are back! You have been missed!

Mardie said...

Thinking back to when we first started 'trying' to write and how much has changed since then. Just like when we tell students that becoming a reader is about finding the kind of books you enjoy, it seems that becoming a writer is about finding what you love to write. Glad to see you're back, Clix.

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