Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, February 12

Today is shaping up to be a questionable day. *sigh* I'm starting to have some resistance from students when I ask them to focus on their work rather than texting. I have one student whose grandfather is in the hospital. I told him to put his phone away - if I saw it out again, it'd go in my filing cabinet until the end of the day. He said, "but it's my mom." I'm like... dude, what is your mom thinking, texting you during class? SERIOUSLY.

I would like to touch base with my student directors from last semester's Julius Caesar unit and have them interact with my new classes for some of the other units as well. I know I need to finish watching the Machiavelli documentary and taking notes. AND SOON. That's our next unit, and we're winding things up with LOTF ... well, kind of today. We have some other stuff to work on for the unit, but we're finishing the book today.

It's frustrating not to have my room during planning, because I really do need privacy for parent phone calls, and I simply can't rely on it in the teacher workrooms. Teachers send student in to pick up papers from the printer, or to make up a quiz, or even to buy snacks for them out of the vending machine (this one drives me bananas).

Additionally, I simply don't understand why a floating teacher would be assigned to the trailers. That's just MEAN! It's bad enough that you don't have a classroom of your own, but to have to come out of the building every day as well, trudging through puddles and glop on rainy days... ugh, it sucks! And you're stuck in a classroom with a crappy layout (long and narrow), and... yeah.

So I try to be patient when I come back to my room and I find books on the floor instead of in the little trays under the seats, or mud tracked everywhere, or papers around the desks instead of the trash can.

Because it could be worse. ;)


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