Friday, February 15, 2013


So once again I got not very much accomplished during planning. I came in, made some tea, went to the bathroom, and then went to cover another teacher's class. They were taking a test so I couldn't make parent calls or watch the video that I need to make a worksheet for. Not a big deal - I found some blog posts I'd like to use in upcoming units and left messages with the authors. Did a bit of writing. Took some DayQuil, drank my tea. Loving the cough drops that my husband picked up at the grocery store - they're SOOO soothing, and even after they're gone, the effects linger. It's nice.

So anyway, the bell rings and I wait the 2-3 minutes for alllll the students to gather their things and get out of the room (how DO they make it to their next classes on time?!) and then rush over to the workroom to go potty and heat some more water for tea, but some jerk locked the darn door, so I pop my cup of water into the microwave for two minutes (I'll be late but hopefully I won't have to cough my way through class) and go across and down the hall to the next-nearest workroom and use THAT bathroom and then dash back to the first workroom to get my hot water...

Which was setting out on the counter, still at room temperature.

Why would someone do that? Seriously. Why?

So I did not have any lovely minty tea to sip on to soothe my throat during my long class. Grrr.

Also: "Can I go take my books to the library?" No. This is time to READ. This is not library time. This counts as work time. This is like asking "can I be excused from a homework assignment because I spent the time doing other things?" No. I am so over this you have no idea.


Philip said...

I just bought this really awesome rose tea from TAZO. You should try it. It's my new favorite.

(I know... I read your post and THAT'S what I took out of it...)

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