Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, April 25

Next year our class sizes are going to go up significantly. I'll probably do a "first pass" on my essays and separate them into three groups: needs challenge, needs practice, and needs help. Students whose work regularly ends up in the 'needs help' group are the ones I'll pull for conferences.

This is always the time of year that I start reviewing what I've done and thinking ahead to how I want to do it next year. I've noticed that I'm not doing as well with contacting parents, and especially as we head into the home stretch, I need to make that a priority.


Mardie said...

I like your idea for the 3 groupings. I might borrow this for next year's classes. Thanks, Clix!

Clix said...

Thanks Mardie! I seem to be working in groups of 3s at the moment... I also had an idea for comparing happy/helpful/hurtful phrases (in terms of critiques). Need to work the details out though!

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