Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Less Than a DAAAAAY....

Away. Hoo boy.

And after the debacle of a few minutes ago, I am suddenly NOT SLEEPY at ALL.

Plus? It doesn't feel like I had a summer break. Two weeks with my family, three weeks with the Hunk's family, yearbook camp with the Gremlins - did I mention that we're remodeling a bedroom? (Actually, we won't be putting a bed in there, but it's a non-specific room and I think it used to be a bedroom. We couldn't really tell, though, as when we got the house the room had no floor and the ceiling plaster had fallen down in places and... ugh. NEEDED to be done - still needs to be done, actually!)

Anyway. I just feel very unsettled. I don't feel like I'm ready for tomorrow, let alone Friday (the first day of classes).

I still have a bulletin board and an enormous poster that have not been moved to my new room. I need to check on that tomorrow, and on the possibility of limited internet access for our typing computers. I need to check with the media center to make sure that I can use the laptop and projector on Friday, since my new room does not have one DAMMIT.

Tuesday is the first official meeting for the Journalism club. We'll be making posters and checking the sales flier for the new Darn Book before I go and photocopy one with a bunch of mistakes in it. Hopefully by then we'll also have a homeroom list and we can create Senior Info fliers and put them in the homeroom teachers' mailboxes. Or maybe we'll distribute those on Monday, so they don't get mixed in with all the district's sign-and-return forms.

On Wednesday students can pick up their schedules, and we'll be distributing last year's Darn Book. IF there are enough Gremlins to help, that is.

Thursday is likely to be Panic Day.
OH! But on the upside, hopefully I'll get my KISS THIS flamingo mug tomorrow!

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The Science Goddess said...

WTF? We've hardly been out of school here a month and you're already going back?

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