Saturday, March 21, 2009

Patience May Be a Virtue, But It's Not One of Mine

So I'm here, AT SCHOOL on a SATURDAY. Why? Because the book needs to be finished. My editor, bless his heart, has said that he'll be here at 2 to finish up whatever needs to be completed. I've told the Hunk that I'm hoping to be back for dinner.

I did get a phone call at 1:55 from said editor - his Girl Friday, our junior editor, is going to pick him up when she gets off work at 2 and they're going to come in together. Not ideal, but not a problem.

Problem? It is now almost 3:30 and there's been no further word.

Ms. Keys is PISSED.

It doesn't help that I forgot to bring the Hunk's leftover half of his Monte Cristo (crisco?) sandwich, which would've been quite tasty as there's a toaster oven in the teacher's lounge, so I haven't had any lunch.

I mean - seriously - what makes people think this is remotely okay? I realize they're teenagers, but.... WTF?

I had planned to work alongside them and finish up my grading and lesson planning tomorrow, but at this point? Eff it. I'll continue working on stuff for English II and cleaning up the classroom and they can take as much time as they need to getting those changes made. I'm not touching a thing (though I will put in the copy I wrote for my poor n00bs who were yanked from class for test prep).

So much for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Wow, when's your deadline? I hope your editors get serious about finishing the book.

Clix said...

These are proofs that we're correcting. We just got them on.... Tuesday? Maybe Wednesday. So we've got a few days yet, but I really REALLY wanted to be done, like, YESTERDAY.

To their credit, when they got here, they got right to work and haven't been griping about it :D

Rachel said...

Oh so they did finally arrive? I would have chewed them "up one side and down the other" as one of my coworkers likes to say. I would just chalk it up to their being teenagers, but I experience this rude non-thinking with adults, too.

Good luck!

Clix said...

I didn't say anything about how late they were, because I just KNEW they would start to try to explain, and I did NOT want to hear it! hahaha... I was afraid I might say one of those Things That Get You Fired. ;)

I'm uploading the final versions today! we have a couple things to check on Monday and we are DONE!

HappyChyck said...

I'm glad they finally showed up. I know exactly what you mean about NOT wanting to hear the excuses. Wahooo! Done! said...

How nice to be done. We have another week to get spring sports finished. This is always the hard part as spring sports just got started. Your book is probably delivered earlier than ours. Now that we have so much time off for Christmas, we don't finish school till the middle of June.

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