Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Audit: Help?

Okay. One thing I've been meaning to do for AWHILE is a blog audit. I want to identify the posts that are the most helpful/useful/interesting/entertaining to my readers.

But it feels a bit presumptuous - even arrogant - to just guess at what people have liked. If I didn't think it was interesting (at least a little bit) I wouldn't have written about it! And just counting the number of hits isn't going to be much better than choosing the posts myself; posts that I sent in for the Carnival obviously got more attention.

So I'm asking you what you think.

Behind the cut, in reverse chronological order, are some of the posts that have generated a bit of discussion (based on the number of comments).

03.05.09 - Fools Rush In (Struggles with Writer's Workshop)
03.03.09 - The Dirty Dozen (What I really teach)
02.02.09 - My Stand (Canon vs Choice)
12.15.08 - Objectionable Themes in Twilight
11.10.08 - Demotivated (What do you do when nothing seems to work?)
08.26.08 - Blih (Expectations for myself; expectations of students)
08.14.08 - TALT: ABBA (Because deep down, EVERY ONE of us is a "Dancing Queen!")
08.05.08 - Five Things Education Policy Makers Should Know
07.24.08 - Issues with Technology Integration (Why it's not always Full Steam Ahead)
07.23.08 - Easier Said Than Done (Yearbook camp)
07.19.08 - Flamingo Fun (Why my department rocks!)
07.01.08 - Language Arts Jargon (Why do we have to make things even more difficult?!)
04.14.08 - Participation and Standards-Based Grading
03.19.08 - Odyssey Unit (Some great ideas in the comments!)
12.13.07 - Logic (I thought this was quite clever!!)
08.23.07 - Questions for the Brilliant (about class blogs and grading)
07.30.07 - Grateful (I need to do this more often!!)
06.23.07 - Shakespeare Question (One of my earliest pieces, and it's looking at The Canon! Clearly this is an issue that's not going to go away)

So, Adventurers, your quest is to skim over that list and let me know which two or three of those would get your vote to be included as a "Favorite Post." I'll probably also link to some of them in Wednesday's Carnival.

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Melissa B. said...

Twilight, Technology & Jargon, not necessarily in that order. Truthfully, I love everything you write, so keep it coming...And please, don't forget Sx3 today...I'm doing a video, which is quirky enough to get everyone's creative juices flowing!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've preferred the posts where you have shared about your yearbook trials and tribulations.

Steve Shann said...

I've only recently been reading your blog, and there's a lot in your list that I haven't read. Just at the moment there's no time, but sometime soon I'm going to try to come back to this list, as I enjoy your writing a lot. Because I've read so little, I was going to pass on without a comment. But I loved your Dirty Dozen so much that I thought I'd like to mention that in response to your request for feedback.

crysnrob said...

Dirty Dozen, Five Things, Jargon, and Twilight are my picks.


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