Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep On Keepin On

Well let me tell ya. It has been one CRAZY year, what with cancer and my first NCTE and blizzards and tornadoes and OH YEAH I STILL GOT THE YEARBOOK DISTRIBUTED ON TIME WOT WOT!!

Also, another reason I am amazing? I got my checklist turned in at 9 AM this morning - BOOYAH. I packed up my room VERY carefully, separately re-filing materials for language arts and journalism so that the new hire (hopefully! fingers crossed!!) will have those all together and I can just take my stuff and get started right at the start of the year without having to do the sorting THEN.

Fortunately I had one of the janitors unlock my room so that I could put away some shelves, because I had a couple of parents come by to pick up a copy of the yearbook. *facepalm*

I've also been updating my unit plans over at the UbD Educators Wiki. I'm feeling kind of uncertain and nervous about it, because technically I don't know that I'll be teaching sophomore English next year. I'll be kind of frustrated if I've put all that work into that particular course and I wind up with freshmen.

Not that I have anything against freshmen, or against freshman English; I think I even favor their required content a bit. The whole not-having-to-teach-Caesar is pretty awesome.

And the process of thinking through these units is just as helpful as the end result. Heck, maybe I should ask for a copy of the scope and sequence for the other grades once I've finished my unit planning for English II and work on unit plans for the others!

I think mostly I just don't enjoy feeling adrift. I very purposefully did NOT include Journalism on my list of courses-I-am-willing-to-teach. It would be nice to KNOW what courses I will be teaching next year. Especially because if they DO stick me with Journalism again, I'll be a little off my game because I didn't set up yearbook camp over the summer... though I'm in contact with most of the students on Facebook so I bet I could get things in order pretty quickly.

The Hunk has reserved rooms in New Orleans for the ALA convention. I'm pretty stoked. ^.^ In the meantime, we've got a few weeks to relax, do some housework, and ... well, relax some more!

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Denée Tyler said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats to you on your yearbook success.

Today was our last day, but yesterday was the last student day AND graduation, and my daughter graduated, and I volunteered to be a chaperone at the senior all-night party. So, I totally agree with the taking a week off to recuperate idea. I was at the school (except for a quick trip home with the lovely daughter to grab both of our robes and some dinner) from 8 AM Thursday morning until 1 PM Friday afternoon.

Being both faculty and a parent during graduation was stressful, and I had to sit behind my daughter as she gave one of the two commencement speeches, so that was a little of a bummer, too.

Have a great summer. Take care of yourself.

Clix said...

Oh, MAN, Denee... well, congratulations to you and your daughter, especially, but yeah. I'd've been kinda ticked at not getting a good seat for her speech. :(

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