Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27

I am unbelievably tired today. I took some NyQuil before bed and it just doesn't let go of me like it used to. It's really annoying, because the decongestant part of it wears off way before the drowsiness does!

Even so, today has been very productive. I collated and turned in my student surveys. I wrote up my peer-observation notes and turned those in. I created the program for the spring musical and gave it to the Drama Club adviser to review. I called the doctor and rescheduled the appointment that they'd rescheduled for this morning without asking me. I had to fuss a little and say PLEASE LET ME TALK TO A HUMAN BEING THIS TIME because I left messages and no one ever called me back. I feel like there were a few other things I did during planning but I erased the notes off my hand (ballpoint ink for the win!) and now I don't remember!

Oh! I also got observed on Monday. I know I did a good job. I hope I did everything I was supposed to - I know I had my standards posted and the essential question and I have student work on display and my word wall and I made sure to call on different students and talk with them not just at them... I don't know. Hopefully I'll get my eval sheet soon.


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