Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, March 11

I really, really hate Daylight Savings.

I need to do a better job of taking that into account. My first-period students were all punch-drunk and it doesn't help that I'm tired as well. I tried to go to bed early last night but you know how that works - you're tossing and turning for that hour and then because you're so antsy you end up staying awake even later than if you'd gone to bed at the normal time.

It's also annoying to have to either find someone to watch my students or just suffer if I have to go to the bathroom.

Not a whole lot else to report. I got my evaluation, and was rated completely satisfactory. Blah. I wish there was an option for 'exemplary,' but apparently teachers can't be exemplary or something. I dunno.

Today is probably going to be one of the days where I just have to push myself through it.


Philip said...

Read today's post. Another reason to visit the north.

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