Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 17

So we did our Caesar workshop last week. I expanded it to two days instead of one, and I feel like that was a mistake. I like the idea of reviewing it first before jumping into the scenes, but I think what I'll do next term is use the summaries with a mini-study-guide the first day, and then do the workshop on the second day. A lot of the students mentioned being completely lost, which definitely wasn't what I was going for; I was hoping that diving right into the original text would be bracing but not alienating. "Yes, it's difficult, but if you focus and work hard, you can accomplish amazing things" was the idea.

I've also found an example of a research paper, provided online from Bedford-St. Martins. We'll look at the Works Cited page first and then at the construction of the essay itself. I know I want to try to have two separate days in the computer lab each month, in addition to the time that I need for the research paper. And I want to do more essay writing so that we can also do more reading in front of the class - short pieces.

Back to grading research papers. UGH.


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